GOSA (The Geyser Observation and Study Association) Firehole Lake Drive  

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Firehole Lake Drive is one of the few places in Yellowstone that you can watch geysers from your car. Even though it is easily accessed, many people miss most of the activity as they speed through the area. Located along this short one-way road are some beautiful geysers. Great Fountain geyser can have some of the largest eruptions seen in the park, or the world for that matter. Predictions for Great Fountain are posted at the Old Faithful Visitor Center and in the summer at the geyser. White Dome erupts from one of the largest sinter mounds in Yellowstone. The road cuts so close to Pink Cone Geyser that it actually cuts through part of the sinter mound of this beautiful geyser. Firehole Lake Drive is a worthwhile side trip.

Firehole Spring: [Map]

Firehole Springs is located just off the side of, and slightly below the road. It is so close to the road that it is hard to see unless you get out of your car. The spring is quite pretty and has a very colorful runoff platform. It is well worth stopping to see.

Often erupting in almost continuous bursts, Firehole Spring is a small geyser or perpetual spouter. The busts are usually quite small but can reach 6 feet tall. At times there are seconds long pauses between the bursts, reminiscent of true geyser activity. The distinction between a geyser and perpetual spouter, in this case, is open to debate. No matter what it is called, it has been active in the same manner throughout the history of the park.

Firehole Spring was not named for the Firehole River but rather because of the "flickering flame" effect of the rising gas bubbles that can be seen in the pool.

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Surprise Pool: [Map]

Surprise pool is a small superheated pool located on a