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Instructions for Downloading OFVC Electronic Logbooks from the GOSA Website

It is possible to download these files for use in spreadsheet functions. The files are tab-delimited files and have .txt extensions. File sizes range from about 525KB to 825KB.

These are the steps to download a file, using Netscape as the web browser. First access the page on which the file is located. Then click on “Edit”, then go to “Select All” and click to highlight the entire file. Next click on “File”, then “Save As” to save the file in the location you specify with the name you want to give the file.

To read the files, open Excel, then click on “File” and “Open”. Since the files are tab delimited files, instruct Excel to open “files of all types” to locate have the file appear in the list of files in the location where the file has been saved. Once the file name to be opened has been selected and clicked, Excel returns the “Text Import Wizard.” My Excel program returns values that are appropriate for the file, so I just click “Next.” (The values I use are “Original Data Type”--Delimited”; “Start Import” at row 1 since I usually want the entire file; and whatever the computer has put in the "File Origin” box.) Once “Next” has been clicked, a second “Text Wizard” box appears. Again, my program gives me the options I need, so I just automatically click “Next.” (The values my program uses are “Text Delimiter” is set at “Tab”, “Treat Consecutive Delimiters as one” box is not selected, and “Text Qualifier” box shows “). After clicking “Next”, the third “Text Wizard Box” appears. Again, I just accept what my program has selected and click “Finish.” (My program automatically selects “General” for the “Column Data Format” box.)

Once “Finish” has been clicked, the Excel file opens. The files are now available for manipulation (sorting by geyser, calculation of intervals, etc.) The files are imported with standard column formats, so the first thing I usually do is to reformat the column widths. I widen the second column to see the entire geyser name. I narrow the fourth column, which is the “ie”, “ns”, “e” (for electronic), or “vr” designation attached to some of the times. Once you have performed your desired operations, you will probably want to save your version of the file. If you elect to save the entire original file as an Excel workbook, .xls extension, file, the file size will triple.

Lynn Stephens

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