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Geyser Eruption Information:

GeyserTimes is a project in collecting and combining all geyser eruption data into one easy to use database.

Yellowstone Travel Information:

Yellowstone Travel Guide
Comprehensive travel guide to Yellowstone National Park. What to see: Geysers, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Wildlife, Lodging, Camping, Hiking and more.

Geyser Web Camera:

Old Faithful Webcam
Live web camera images of Old Faithful Geyser.
Original Mammoth Webcam
Live web camera images of Mammoth Hot Springs.
New Mammoth Webcam
Live web camera images of Mammoth Hot Sprintg. The resolution is greatly improved over the original Mammoth webcam.

Photo Archive

Yellowstone Slide File (Thermal Features)
A vast repository of photos from Yellowstone National Park.

Geyser Information:

Geyser Tours
H. Koenig's excellent web site includes virtual tours of the geyser basins, compilations of historic geyser photos and listings of geyser references.
Yellowstone Thermal Volunteer Page
Lew and Jan Johns have served as official thermal volunteers in Yellowstone for a number of years. At this site they present the results of their studies of Grotto Geyser.
About Geysers...
Alan Glennon's geyser pages includes information on the worlds geyser fields, definitions and an explanation of how a geyser works.

Geyser Movies:

Geyser Movies on the Web
Michael Frazier's excellent collection of geyser movies. Requires Quicktime 3.0 player.

Earthquake Information:

University of Utah Seismograph Stations
The university of Utah Seismograph stations operates the seismographs in Yellowstone National Park. Their site includes listings of recent seismic activity in Yellowstone and maps of recent and past activity in Yellowstone among other items of interest.
Summary of 1959 Hebgen Lake, Montana Earthquake
This interesting site includes newspaper articles, headlines, photographs, individual accounts, and excerpts from publications detailing the largest earthquake, magnitude 7.5, to hit the Yellowstone area in recent history.

Life in Thermal Springs:

Life at High Temperatures
An introduction to the work of Dr. Thomas D. Brock in Yellowstone. It includes lots of interesting information about life in Yellowstone's hot springs.

Please note - this site is currently under constuction. Please visit for more information.  Last update 01-29-2017

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