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  Pulsar Spouter
Feature Type: Geyser
Geyser/Spring Type:

Upper Geyser Basin
Orange Spring & S Orange Spring Group

There may be a bit of nomenclature confusion associated with this small feature: "Pulsar Spouter" is listed in T. S. Bryan's book, the basis for most names on this site, as having the "official name" UNNG-OSG-1, while the report on unusual 2016 activity by Rocco Paperiello (February 2017 Sput) says that Bryan calls it UNNG-OSG-3. Whatever the name, Pulsar Spouter was for long considered a "perpetual spouter" exhibiting non-stop play to a height of only about 2 feet. However, in Rocco's words, "For the first time in anyone's memory, this spouter was noted to be 'off' at the beginning of the summer", making it a true geyser. Rocco's description of events in the "Orange Spring Group" in 2016 leaves it somewhat unclear whether the Pulsar was the vent responsible for distinctly more powerful, and clearly intermittent, activity in this group later in this year.

In any event, 2016 was obviously a very busy year for the Orange Spring Group, with highly changeable activity among known features and the appearance of one "fairly powerful" (Papariello) geyser apparently never seen before. This latter feature was dubbed "Concussion Geyser" by Tara Cross, being one of the many geysers seen this year that made loud, percussive noises due to collapsing steam bubbles. It remains to be seen whether "Concussion Geyser" will be a sufficiently long-lasting feature to justify an official name and a description. However, the Orange Spring Group is obviously worth the gazer's attention once the park re-opens in the spring/summer of 2017.

What to look for:
No description available

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