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The Geysers of Yellowstone

The Geysers of Yellowstone, 4th Edition by T. Scott Bryan This revised popular field guide describes in detail each of the more than 700 geysers in Yellowstone National Park. With updated information, Geysers of Yellowstone is both a reference work and a fine introduction to the nature of geyser activity for the newcomer to geothermal phenomena. A glossary of key terms is provided, along with a comprehensive appendix that discusses other geyser areas of the world. Detailed maps accompany each geyser basin described, and tables are provided for easy reference. Foreword by Lee H. Whittlesey

This book can be ordered through the GOSA store, or other booksellers.

GOSA Transactions

The Geyser Observation and Study Association (GOSA) has produced a number of transactions over the years with articles detailing various geyser studies throughout Yellowstone. Included, also, is a special edition covering the "Valley of the Geysers" (Dolina Geizerov, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia) the second largest geyser field in the world next to Yellowstone.

The Transactions are available through the GOSA store.

Inventory of Thermal Features of the Firehole River Geyser Basins and other selected areas of Yellowstone National Park.

Dr. George Marler’s comprehensive digest of geyser activity through the early 1970’s provides an excellent historic reference. The descriptions of hot springs and geysers was prepared by Marler for the U.S. Geological Survey, based on many years as a naturalist and geyser specialist with the National Park Service. Marler supplemented summaries of his observations with historical information.

Originally published as National Technical Information Service, Publication PB221289, both a paper version and  a cd-rom version is available through the GOSA store.

Wonderland Nomenclature: A History of the Place Names of Yellowstone National Park

This encyclopedic tome, by Lee Whittlesey, on the place names of Yellowstone National Park is full of historical information of interest to the Geyser Gazer. Unfortunately, the unabridged version of this work has yet to be published but a copy of the full manuscript is available through the GOSA Store.

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